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Nov, 2014

Wrap-Up of the Fall 2014 Season

Vikings Parents
A hard fought game in our season finale
- We got behind early, but the kids never gave up, and we "scratched and clawed" our way back into the game by playing VIKINGS type football in the 2nd half
(w/ tough defense and quick strikes on offense) 
- Which resulted in two (2) unanswered scores on offense (cutting their lead in half), 
   and no further points allowed on defense (including a big interception on a key 3rd down play)
- Unfortunately, we were just too far behind to catch up, and we simply just ran out of time in the end
But, fantastic job to everybody!!!!!

Game Result:
Vikings: 13
Ravens: 26

Team Acknowledgements:
1 of our rushing TD's in this game was made by Jacob Skavery, which was his 1st rushing TD of the season (Great Job Jacob!!!!)
- With that score, we had 9 of our 10 players on this team make a scoring play this season 
  (either by running for or catching the ball - and counting for either a TD or an extra point)
- I don't know if there are very many (if any) other teams in this league that can make that statement
- This is truly and great team!!!!!!
Awesome Job Vikings!!!!!

Season Result:
We finished the season at 4-3 (Excellent Job Team!!)
- We dropped our 1st game (in the harsh rainy September weather here in Michigan), giving up the game's only TD on the last play to start 0-1 
- Then we won 4 straight, scoring a total of 104 points in those 4 game (Unbelievable!!!), to get to 4-1 (and at the time, a 4-way tie for top of the division)
- And we finished up w/ two losses (one of them again on the last play of the game) 

What went well for us this season:

Offensive firepower:
Overall, our offense was great this season. scoring 129 points over seven games
(For you statistics buff's, that's an average of approx. 18.5 points per game)
- And if you throw out that 1st game (in which the weather really impacted the game result), and you consider just the 6 games that we had offensive opportunities, that would be an average of 21.5 points / game
- Fantastic Job Offense (Both Squads!!!)

Tough Defense
Similarly, our defense played incredible this season, usually stopping our opponents' offensive plays for little of no gain (and forcing a lot of "3 and outs")
- Over the course of the season, we only gave up 77 points total (11 points / game), and 26 of those points came in this last game of the season
   - Prior to that 7th game, we had only given up 51 points total (8.5 points / game)
- We also forced 6 INT's throughout the season (including 1 in this last game - which really helped our offense with better field position) 
Awesome Job Defense (Both Squads!!!)
Team Comradery
​This was a great group of kids, who through the season really learned what it meant to be part of a team, and work w/ and trust in their teammates.
Some of the key item we saw was:
- Working together and helping direct each other on the field (making our job a lot easier)
- "Hangin'" w/ each other on the sidelines and in the huddles (shoulder to shoulder and arm over arm)
- Cheering for our players on the field (with our now famous "Let's go Vik's -.ING's" cheer)
(Great teamwork – both squads)

What we can keep working on for next season:
Team focus on the field
The main item this team can focus on going forward is just keeping their focus during the game.
- When we were focused as a team, you could see the great things we could do
    - Scoring 74 points in 2 consecutive games
    - Allowing less than 7 points scored against us in 4 of our games
- And when we lost that focus, you could see how easily we gave up the advantage to our opponents:
   - 3 games w/ a score on the last play of the game
   - 26 points scored against us in the 1st half of this last game

But, we want to stress that the kids played extremely well this season,
and we were very proud of every one of our players.
(Fantastic job Vikings!!!!!!)

Well, that's it for this Fall 2014 season
- Tom and I plan to be coaching together again in the Spring
- Let us know if you have any questions / concerns
Tom Dohring
​Greg Thomas 
Vikings Coaches

If you want to reminisce on how this season went, a copy of this and all previous correspondences are stored in the news section of our team page:
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