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Oct, 2017

October Letter

Dear CSL Families, Friends and Players,

Fall soccer season is well underway!

Thank you for having me serve as the League President. There are many exciting things happening with our organization which, beyond having over 500 registered players, includes parents, siblings and extended families as well as our associations with a thriving adult pick-up community and with the local middle and high school teams. I extend to you the league’s gratitude and welcome all of our new members.

On behalf of the board I extend sincere appreciation to our Operations Directors for making the season run so smoothly:

Martin Slavin, Executive Director

Liz Arias, Director of Academy

Mike Fann, Director of Recreational Soccer

Fund Raising

This month CSL is participating in two important fund-raising events.

-Chatham Marketplace Round-Up at the Register! When shopping at the marketplace ask the cashier to round up to the dollar and CSL will receive 50%. On Saturday October 21 Chatham Soccer League receives 100% of the round up funds raised!

-United Way Campaign: Our most important source of revenue for assistance with registration fees is through the United Way. Watch for announcements from our Director of Fund Raising and Grants, Keith Shea. Last year Keith and CSL were recognized by the United Way for outstanding participation in the annual fund-raising campaign. CSL board members had 100% participation!

Free Play

This fall CSL has introduced a new concept for our players to participate in. Free Play days have been created to give the players more opportunities to play. It’s been interesting to observe the reaction. Unanimously the kids love it, but some parents have been concerned by the format. I suggest that we not confuse DE-organization with disorganization. The long-term benefit of Free Play is realized in the creativity players develop in an environment without fear of repercussion for ball handling mistakes. Encourage the kids to take chances and to support each other. Support the coaches and league officials by encouraging participation.

The Primary Goal is FUN!

No matter which level of play you are participating in, the object is FUN! Each of us is a participant in the games and events associated with our league. A disappointing trend is the significant drop off in youth involvement in sports during the middle school years. The main reason kids give for discontinuing is that it stops being fun, mainly due to the perception of having become too competitive. Parents can unwittingly drive this perception by being overly emotional and/or critical on the sidelines.

It may seem odd, but the NCYSA reports that the majority of the conduct related incidents reported this year have occurred at U11/12 Challenge Girls matches.

I believe that this is actually quite understandable given that players are beginning to develop fundamentally and physically at the same time that there is a perception of playing “competitively”. Parents, players and coaches are rightfully excited about the situation, but must keep perspective.

Be COOL.  

-I ask all members to be classy. Let us win with humility and loose with dignity.

-Congratulate good play respectfully. Over celebration can antagonize opponents and is disrespectful, but…

-Don’t be antagonized, it really is just a game. Misbehavior is not the right response for misbehavior. Avoid eye contact or threatening gestures, ESPECIALLY when provoked. You have the ability to make things much worse. Don’t embarrass your kids.

-Avoid negative criticism in the moment. Being a good coach or parent means finding the right time to correct. Yelling directions from the sidelines is rarely that moment. "Tie your shoes" is perhaps the rare exception😊

-Allow the other team to celebrate, allow yourself to applaud for good individual play.

-Let the coaches do their job. Discussion about tactics and technique will not occur in the middle of the game or practice. Approach the coach with ideas when it is appropriate (end of season) and respect their decisions. Coaches shall be respectful of parents concerns.

-CSL asks for a 48 hour cool down period before contacting the coach after a game.  Good ideas will still be good ideas two days from now.

-Have great ideas about tactics, and a passion to teach? Become a coach! CSL needs you and can give you resources and training.

ALWAYS RESPECT THE OFFICIALS. The referees employed by CSL have been through training and are assigned by our league assignor, Frank Fitzgerald. As per the Laws of the Game, the call on the field stands. Too often we see parents and coaches berate officials. Don’t, it doesn’t help.

Volunteers ALWAYS Needed

Chatham Soccer League exists because of you. The purpose of our organization is to give anyone who wants to play soccer the opportunity to do so. In order to accomplish this at a price the county demographic can afford (travel team fees are roughly one third the cost of neighboring counties and CSL has one of the highest hardship assistance rates per participant of any club in the state!) CSL members not only coach teams as volunteers but also:


-Paint Lines

-Repair and/or replace nets and sand bags

-Organize equipment and uniform orders

-Manage teams

-Fund Raise (sponsorships, grants and donations are critical!)

-Acquire fields

-Provide Publicity


Please attend when you see Work Days posted to learn more

Be a Good Citizen

Please remember that CSL has use of the facilities we use through cooperation with the schools, towns and county as the primary county provider of soccer. This responsibility means that each of us must be a good citizen in our community by being respectful of the space. I encourage each of you to:

-Pack out what you bring in. (I have also authorized everyone to empty the trash cans and put in a new liner)

-Pick up any litter you see

-Use refillable water bottles

-Report unsafe conditions to the league officials (insect infestations, hazards, suspicious persons, etc.)

If you have any questions or would like to talk, give me a call. You can reach me at (919) 619-7594. Looking forward to a great October!


Erik Berg

President, Chatham Soccer League